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The college where Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding are our goals.

Location of Main Campus

1714 North Leg Court
Augusta, GA 30909
Bus. (706) 364-5230/5270
FAX (706) 364-5274

Location of Jefferson County Campus

Lahairoi Bible Institute At
New Way Christian Church (Youth Center)
Jefferson County Campus
313 Cook Street
Louisville, GA 30434
Phone (478) 625-7868
Phone (706) 364-5230/5270
FAX (706) 364-5274

Dr. G.L. Jackson, Chancellor

Fall Semester 2008 Classes are now in session, Tuesdays 6 P.M. - 9 P.M.
School of Prophet Division, Tuesdays 6 P.M. - 9 P.M.
Instructor: Minister Charles Washington

Christian Foundation, Tuesdays 6 P.M. - 9 P.M.
Instructor: Dr. Dennis Thompson

Dear LBI Student,

We are pleased that you have chosen Lahairoi Bible Institute (LBI) to further your studies.

On behalf of our Chancellor, The Rt. Rev. Dr. Gracie L. Jackson and the LBI Administration and faculty, we extend a warm WELCOME to all our new students and to those returning for another quarter. We know your say here will be spirit filled and successful.

We look forward to serving you in whatever way possible to assist in your endeavors at LBI.

Where Our Goals are Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding.

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Based and founded on the Word of God, Lahairoi Bible Institute (LBI) is committed and dedicated to preparing individuals to fulfill their call in the ministry. A central mission of LBI is to impart wisdom, knowledge and understanding to the students for empowerment of the church and business community. To carry out this mission, LBI will expose students to a variety of teaching approaches, subject content and matters of disciplines that they may use in their career. Despite your career, in the helping services, agencies, business world, or the church, our students will exit prepared to be successful in the career of their choice.


Our goals are to impart wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. We aim to educate and send forth.


Admission Policy

All applicants may apply through the Office of Admissions, by completing an official application. Applicants for admission to Lahairoi Bible Institute are considered without regards to sex, age, race, nationality or ethnic orgin. LBI will accept any individuals who want to increase their knowledge of the Word of God.

All applicants regardless to entrance status that has completed high school before 1983 is required to submit an official copy of your high school transcript or G.E.D.

The College Preparatory Curriculum is helpful but not required. Should an applicant not meet the CPC requirement and graduated as a vocational technical student, some additional Development Courses may be added to their program of studies.

High school students who receive a "certificate of Attendance" or dropped out of school and have not satisfied graduation requirements must enroll in development studies.

Freshman Students

The following must be completed and received by the Registrar's Office or you will be contacted:

(1) Completed application and non-refundable application fee.

(2) Three letters of recommendation to include address, telephone number and occupation of person writing recommendation.

(3) Official transcript(s) of high school attended, GED, and prior College or other institutions.

(4) If you desire credit for life experience, applicant must submit a current resume of work related experience and/or ministerial experience.

SAT/ACT scores can be submitted to assist student placement, however this is not required. All other applicants must complete the appropriate admission forms and submit them with the required credentials. Applicants must submit a completed application, along with transcripts from high school, technical college(s), college or other formal postsecondary education.

A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 is required of all applicants at the time of admission. Checks or money orders should be made payable to Lahairoi Bible Institute There is a $20.00 return check fee for all returned checks.

After application has been received and approved, an appointment will be scheduled for an Admission Interview. Once admitted, student will be given a complete tentative course schedule for the next quarter and place with the Department Chairperson of their Degree Program.


We request three letters of Recommendation at the time applicants submit their application. Letters of recommendation can come from a family member, Pastor or good friend. Each letter must express the interest of the perspective student, comments about their character and why they think the applicant would be a good candidate for admission to Lahairoi Bible Institute. These letters must accompany your application packet, along with a check or money order. Please do not send cash in the mail.


Due to the extensive processing time for the international students, we will assign all students to an International Guidance Counselor for admissions, through the Office of the Registrar. LBI handles international students' admission annually.


Application Fee $50.00 One Time
Registration Fee $50.00 (Non-Refundable)
Late Registration $20.00 (Non-Refundable)
Tuition Fee per/Qtr. Hr. $25.00
Student I.D. $10.00
Tuition $300.00 (Full-Time 15 Hrs.)
Audit Courses $50.00 (Per Course)
LBI Choir $10.00

The School of the Prophets

The tuition for the School of the Prophets is different from other degree programs when it is taken separately from the full course load.

Without Full Course Load $200.00
With Full Course Load $150.00

For Refund Policy: See LBI Catalog


There are several ways to earn credit at Lahairoi Bible Institute.

Transfer Credit

LBI will accept transfers of all completed courses passed at any reputable institution. An evaluation of accepted transferable credit is made and recorded on the Official Student Record buy the Office of the Registrar and will appear on student's Official transcripts. When possible, transferred credits will be applied to courses required for a specific degree.

Assessment Credit

LBI has a unique way of combining life experience and practical knowledge into a student's current educational program. Up to 25% of required hours can be applied to each degree through the Master's level.

Life Experience Credit (Available through resume evaluation)

Associates No applied credit
Bachelor Up to 15% (25 quarter hours maximum applied credit)
Masters Up to 25% (35 quarter hours maximum applied credit)

Degrees Offered (begins from Associate to the Master's level)

1. Divinity
2. Religious Education
3. Biblical Studies
4. Pastoral Psychology
5. Christian Counseling
6. Christian Psychology
7. Ministry of the Gospel


Minimum Residency Course Requirements must be taken through LBI to attain the following:

Associate Degree Minimum of 45 quarter hours
Bachelor Degree Minimum of 45-60 quarter hours
Master Degree Minimum of 30 quarter hours

Pace of Study

A full time student attending LBI should complete a course load of 15 quarter hours which is the equivalent of 150 clock hours per quarter.

A part-time student attending LBI should complete no less than 10 hours each quarter. This is considered the minimum course load. There is not penalty for an accelerated pace. A student may complete a degree as quickly as life situations allows.

Class Attendance

A schedule of courses is provided for the students and faculty to facilitate an orderly arrangement of the program of instruction. Schedules are evidence that students should maintain regular attendance if they are to achieve excellence and attain maximum success in pursuit of their goals.

LBI recognizes, however, that on occasions, it may be necessary for the student to absent from scheduled classes for personal reasons. Due to such circumstances, students are responsible for making up the missed work which is to Be arranged between the student and instructor. Students also need to be aware of the consequences of many absences.

Class Schedules for LBI will indicate our commitment to meet the needs of the student that is employed full or part-time, also students who may be full or part-time at another educational institution. Classes will be held Monday-Friday beginning at 9:00 AM and continuing through the evening until 9:00 PM. Weekend (Saturday only) classes are available based on courses and instructors.

Academic Regulations

Units of Credits

Lahairoi Bible Institute is organized on the quarter system. The quarter hour is the unit of credit for most courses. Regular courses are offered in the day, evening and Saturday mornings. We have arranged courses so that full or part-time students can complete courses at their convenience.

Dean's List

Students who have maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher during the quarter and they have completed 10 or more degree credit quarter hours will make the Academic List. Students will also be eligible to graduate with honors.

Audit Students

Students who desire to audit but will not receive credit for courses must submit an application along with regular application fee at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the desired quarter.

Dismissal & Re-admission Policy

Lahairoi Bible Institute reserves the right at any time to place on probation, suspend or dismiss a student whose academic standing, financial obligations, progress or conduct is not deemed satisfactory by the LBI Standard Code of Admissions.

New Way Christian Church
313 Cook Street
Louisville, GA 30434
Phone: 478-625-7868
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